The A to Z of Business Telephone Systems

Business communication systems are the means by which businesses pass information along. This can be internal, among employees or external, to the general public and to customers. The most basic form of a communication system is email support and/or phone. More robust business communication systems come with support for instant messaging, video conferencing, and audio transmissions via the Internet. How businesses choose to communicate also determines the effectiveness of that communication. This may be through text, audio, video, or a system that utilizes all three. When choosing any communication system, the important thing to realize is that communication is not just talking. While talking can convey information, it doesn’t always mean that the person being spoken to understands the information. Talking, listening, and responding are important parts of a business’s communication systems. If there’s not a system in place to allow for the process of receiving feedback and responding…

What is Augmented Reality and How Can it Help Your Small Business Today?

Augmented Reality (AR) describes the practice of providing an enhanced version of reality in which the physical world is augmented with technology, namely superimposed computer-generated images, thereby creating a composite view of the real world. What is Augmented Reality? Unlike Virtual Reality, which produces computer-generated environments we can be immersed in and interact with, Augmented Reality adds, or augments, reality. By augmenting reality, AR generates the experience of a new, bolder natural world. With AR becoming increasingly feasible for businesses, financially and otherwise, this technology presents a number of promising opportunities for small businesses. Using AR to Get More CustomersAll businesses share the same aim of attracting new customers and clients and retaining existing ones. From retailers to hairdressers, restaurants to service providers, one of the biggest challenges of running any business is attracting and retaining customers.
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What is Personal Information and Why is it Important to Your Business?

Chances are, your business collects personal information about customers, employees and/or partners. This means you have an obligation to protect that information. Failure to do so could lead to legal issues or even bankruptcy. Unfortunately, many businesses have found themselves in these situations over the past several years. Jane Hils Shea, technology and data privacy attorney for Frost Brown Todd said in an email interview with Small Business Trends, “The frequency and extent of data breaches is at an all-time high in terms of both number of breaches and number of individual records compromised, and the expenses associated with data breach response is increasing.” Here’s what your small business needs to know about personal information and how to protect it. What Is Personal Information?Personally identifiable information or sensitive personal data can be anything that is used to identify an individual’s personal identity. For instance:

NameSocial Security NumberContact Informatio…

LiveChat’s New Community Platform Helps Your Business Offer Better Customer Service

LiveChat has launched a Community to connect customers with other users, experts, and developers. The goal is to provide a platform in which customers can find answers and tips by facilitating the exchange of information about LiveChat products. The company has created the LiveChat Community not only as a resource customers can access anytime, but to also gain insight into what their needs are. This includes improving customer support by being available 24/7 and 365 days a year. For small businesses, having a live chat feature on their websites allows them to provide real-time customer service. This is made possible with today’s digital technology, and not many small businesses would’ve considered a live customer service solution as an option because of the cost involved. The LiveChat Community platform looks to expand the availability of this solution to more users and developers. As Agnieszka Jaskiewicz, Community Manager at LiveChat, explained in an emailed press release, the compa…