LiveChat’s New Community Platform Helps Your Business Offer Better Customer Service

New LiveChat Community Platform Launched
LiveChat has launched a Community to connect customers with other users, experts, and developers. The goal is to provide a platform in which customers can find answers and tips by facilitating the exchange of information about LiveChat products.
The company has created the LiveChat Community not only as a resource customers can access anytime, but to also gain insight into what their needs are. This includes improving customer support by being available 24/7 and 365 days a year.
For small businesses, having a live chat feature on their websites allows them to provide real-time customer service. This is made possible with today’s digital technology, and not many small businesses would’ve considered a live customer service solution as an option because of the cost involved.
The LiveChat Community platform looks to expand the availability of this solution to more users and developers. As Agnieszka Jaskiewicz, Community Manager at LiveChat, explained in an emailed press release, the company wanted to bring users so they can connect with its developers and product managers.
Jaskiewicz said, “We want to be in constant contact with our customers, listen to their feedback and keep them up to date with our updates. Many new features introduced to our products are born through communication with them.”
She goes on to say, “I think that inclusion is a key word when it comes to building a strong community around a product. It is crucial to make people feel that they have an impact on the products they are using if we want them to use our solutions often and talk about them more.”
LiveChat Community
The community is transforming LiveChat’s business model into a platform whose core value is the interactions between LiveChat customers, partners, and developers. But it is also looking to drive the developer’s program so applications which meet the expectations of customers are being created.
According to LiveChat, it has placed a lot of attention to valuable communication. The company wants anyone to browse the community as well as contribute by publishing posts and responding to them.
LiveChat says it is focusing on users who help and want to be helped so the community can grow naturally and organically.
The Growth of Live Chat
Demand for live chat on company websites has grown by 8.3% in 2017. The growth is being driven by the increased reliance of customers who communicate with the companies they do business with directly on their site.
The growth was especially higher with small businesses as they saw a 19% increase.
For small companies looking to differentiate themselves with support and improved customer service, a live chat solution is an affordable option.
Owners can set specific times to answer customer requests on their website. This can be accomplished with an existing employee, a part-time dedicated customer service rep, or even themselves if it is a one man or one woman operation.
Live chat is a technology which provides great flexibility and scalability.


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